Victim Impact Program (VIP)

Facilitated by: Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

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Time:   Registration 6:15 to 6:45 PM. - recommend to arrive 6 - 6:15 The program begins at 7:00 PM (2 hour program)


Williamson County Jester Annex Building
1801 East Old Settlers Blvd (Map)
Round Rock, Tx


Cost:$20 per person, cash or money order payable to MADD. Bring a photo ID or other legal from of ID. If you are on probation in Williamson County, you can bring a valid probation ID.


Payments are made at the time of registration on the night the program and the receipt given is verification of attendance. You must show your copy of the receipt to your supervision officer to receive credit for attendance.

General Notice for all MADD panels : Please dress appropriately. For example, no cut-offs, short skirts/shorts, tube tops, or t-shirts with offensive messaging. Individuals inappropriately dressed will be required to leave and reschedule. Cell phones off, texting is not allowed. Failure to dress appropriately or not paying attention will result ejection. All bags and personal effects are stowed under chairs during the program. Food and drink are not allowed in the courtroom.




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